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Elementor Footer

To create your own footer with Elementor go to your WP Admin – Theme Builder – Footer and hit “Add new” button.

  1. Add your footer title
  2. Hit “Edit with Elementor” button
  1. Create your own Elementor footer and style it
  1. When you finish, save the post and go to WP Admin – Theme Builder – Settings
  2. Open tab where you want display the Elementor Footer and set the footer.
  3. Save the changes on every tab.

The Elementor footer is not displayed, until you not set the Elementor content (page content on pages, post content on posts, etc…)

Own footer on post or page

It is possible to define own footer on every post or page.

  1. Set Elementor footer and Content under WP Admin – Theme Builder – Settings (Posts or Pages) – this is required
  2. Edit post/page and scroll down under content editor and find “Theme Builder Custom Options”
  3. Set Custom Elementor footer